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Patents play a crucial role in the Start-Up Nation's booming innovation economy, protecting intellectual assets and turning them into marketable commodities. For Israel, whose relative advantage relies on human capital, intellectual property is a strategic national resource.


Trademarks are vital marketing assets. They protect the reputation of brands, fight off forgery and contribute to a consistent brand identity. Since Israel became a member of the Madrid System in 2010, protecting this important piece of intellectual property is more accessible than ever.


After nearly a century of stagnation, in July 2017, the Knesset unanimously approved the 2017 Designs Bill. The Designs Bill will create a comprehensive, balanced and up-to-date framework to govern designs in Israel in place of the Patents and Designs Ordinance which has been in effect since 1924.

How We Help Clients in Israel and Abroad



What does patent law look like in the Start-Up Nation - and why is intellectual property worth every entrepreneur's time?



Planning a trademark strategy is the first stop to building a brand. What colors, sound, name, or design will define your image?



Historically, design law may have been the weak link in IP, but new proposed legislation stands to change all that in 2017. What does it mean for designers?



App development is a ubiquitous trend, yet protecting the different elements that converge to make an app is no simple feat. How do you start?



Because protection of software faces continuously changing challenges, protecting it requires an in-depth understanding and professional attention to its many facets.



Biotech is one of Israel's most prominent innovative sectors with a triumvirate of academic, institutional, and research facilities that work together throughout the country.

Medical Devices

Medical Devices

Stents, cameras that travel within the body and heart-mapping devices are just a few of the most notable "blue and white" medical innovations - but the field presents many IP challenges. 



How do R&D companies continue to undertake the enormous expense of creating new drugs? Part of the answer lies in the crucial role of intellectual property in this industry.

The most important part of a patent attorney's job is not the technical process of registering the invention as a patent, but to ascertain whether it really is a new technological development and design a protection that is compatible with the company's marketing strategy. 

Dr. Kfir Luzzatto, President of The Luzzatto Group

Meet The Partners

Dr. Kfir Luzzatto President of The Luzzatto Group

Kfir is the president of The Luzzatto Group and the fourth generation of his family to work in intellectual property. Kfir holds a doctorate in chemical engineering from Ben Gurion University of the Negev and is the author of two books and many articles on the subject of intellectual property.

Dr. Esther Luzzatto Managing Partner

Esther earned a PhD in chemistry from Ben Gurion University of the Negev and is the managing partner at The Luzzatto Group. In addition to her work at the firm, Esther dedicates approximately 40% of her time to social and community work.

Lilach Luzzatto-ShukrunPartner

Patent attorney Lilach Luzzatto-Shukrun holds a BSc in mechanical engineering from Ben Gurion University of the Negev.

Haim ChechikPartner

Haim holds a BSc in electronic and computer engineering from the Technion. Haim works in the fields of electronics, telecommunications, computer science and software.

Prof. Emanuel ManzurolaPartner

Emanuel earned an MSc in physical chemistry and a BSc and PhD in chemical engineering from Ben-Gurion University of The Negev. From 1982 – 1996, Emanuel was the head of the chemistry department of the Technological College of Beer Sheva.

Zadok FuerstPartner

Zadok holds a BSc in electronic engineering from the University of Alabama. Before joining The Luzzatto Group, he acquired vast professional experience in computer systems. He handles cases in the fields of electronics, computer science, cyber-security, electro-optics, mechanics and designs.

Dr. Thomas GuttmannPartner

Thomas received his PhD in chemistry from Charles University in Prague and worked in research and development in both Czech and Israeli biotechnology companies. He specializes in cell biology, biotechnology, protein chemistry, organic chemistry, chromatography and analytical methods.

Dr. Adina CohenPartner

Adina holds a BSc degree from the Life Sciences Department of Bar-Ilan University. After completing her MSc studies (cum laude), she pursued her PhD, published scientific articles, and participated in a wide variety of international conferences.

Boaz CroitoroPartner

Boaz holds a BSc in electronic engineering from Ben Gurion University of the Negev. From 1995 – 2000, Boaz was involved in a variety of projects in the field of video systems and image processing. Today, his work focuses on cellular technology and engineering.

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The Fifth Generation in Intellectual Property

The year is 1869, the place is Milan, Italy. Riccardo Luzzatto founds The Luzzatto Office, a firm of lawyers that will become well known in later years and will concentrate its interests in a new and exciting field of law: Intellectual and Industrial Property.

Riccardo's son, Enrico, took charge of the firm in 1923 and was later joined by his elder son, Attilio.

Dr. Edgar Luzzatto joined the firm to work with his father, Enrico, and his brother, for a brief period before World War II. In 1976, he started a practice as a patent attorney in Israel, which was to become "Luzzatto & Luzzatto Patent Attorneys."

Dr. Kfir Luzzatto, Edgar's son and the great-grandson of the founder, and his wife, Dr. Esther Luzzatto, joined the firm in the 1980's. Together they grew the business, turning it into one of the most influential patent law firms in Israel.

Recent years have seen the fifth generation of the Luzzatto family join The Luzzatto Group. Advocate Michal Luzzatto is the managing partner at The Luzzatto Law Firm, and Lilach Luzzatto, a mechanical engineer, is a partner at Luzzatto & Luzzatto Patent Attorneys.

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